Why wouldn’t you want more profit and happier clients?

Posted by Michelle Barron on 7th September, 2021 in Opinion and categorised in .

A question which constantly astounds us. Law firm pricing sophistication is the route to greater profit and happier clients. So why isn’t every firm engaging experts to embed a change in pricing culture?
Lawyers hate change! If there is one positive that has come out of the pandemic, it is that lawyers have proven that they can change overnight, when this is vital to their business survival.
Pricing is no less vital and is the solution to achieving 100%+ realisation rates, little or no write-offs and importantly doing away with difficult discussions around fees, by giving clients what they want. Pricing choice, aligned to them and their job.
Burcher Jennings Pricing Masterclasses will show you how to implement a more sophisticated and integrated approach to pricing, how to value yourselves and your firm, give you pricing confidence and apply Burcher Jennings unique approach to legal services pricing, devised by the world’s leading authority on the subject, Richard Burcher. And all this delivered by our two leading experts, both lawyers and former law firm partners and managers, Nigel Haddon and Richard Allen. They don’t just talk-the-talk, they have walked-the walk!
And our famous Pricing Masterclasses are available online and interactive, as well as in person at your location.
The CEO of a multi-office regional UK law firm makes no secret of the fact that since engaging Burcher Jennings, his firm’s revenues have gone up by 26%, while enjoying greater capacity with a 10% reduction in instructions accepted! Over 400 law firms have received training, seeing the bottom line commonly increase from 10% to 25% and upwards.
It's a real investment, with each-and-every firm we've worked with showing a return on investment many multiples of the cost of the Masterclass. In short, profits are up, with happier clients. It’s a win, win!
Don’t take our word for it. Read the comments from participants who attended previous masterclasses with our experts:
Nigel Haddon:
“...seen huge benefits from running two Burcher Jennings pricing masterclasses.  The result is better service to clients, happier lawyers, and a more profitable firm – a no brainer!” 
Chris Hart, Chief Executive, Wollens
“Extremely useful training – well presented, thought provoking and a real game changer! Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish – thank you!”
Susan Glenholme, Managing Partner, Debenhams Ottaway
“Very good, very practical. Nigel teaches from his personal experience which makes his message more powerful.”
James Skellorn, Senior Partner, Barker Gotelee
“It has helped with our cashflow, with profitability and interestingly clients have accepted the process and the fees...it is the most useful course I’ve been on in years. Knowing Nigel well, I thought I would pick up a few tips but not much but I got far more than I expected from it”
Paul Bennett, Partner, Bennett Briegal LLP
“...undertook the pricing masterclass training during June 2017.  We were very impressed with the course content, supporting precedent material and the excellent method of delivery provided by Nigel Haddon...it has been worth every penny. We have worked hard on embedding the training since the first pricing masterclass and we followed it up in November 2017 by training a further group of fee earners...I would strongly recommend the training to other law firms…”
Neil Wilson, Managing Partner, Chadwick Lawrence
Richard Allen:
“Richard was brilliant and the content excellent” 
Greg Whyte, Partner, Jones Whyte Law
“One of the best training sessions I have attended. Extremely useful, great speaker, can’t wait to implement”
Louise Edwards, Partner, Wrigleys
“Highly enjoyable, appropriate and timely” 
Adrian Ostler, Financial Services Manager, Tees
“Very knowledgeable speaker who was totally fluent and comfortable with the great materials provided”
Hanni Pennelegion, Partner, Barcan & Kirby
“Simple and effective. Very well delivered and understands lawyers, unlike some “typical management consultants””
Tim Wrigley, Partner, Wrigleys
“Richard provided excellent pricing training for our transactional lawyers with some really practical strategies for valuing our services and agreeing a pricing structure that works for the client and for us.  We’ve already put into practice some of his ‘quick win’ suggestions with excellent results.” 
Emma Shipp, Head of Business Services, Hewitsons LLP
For more details or to discuss what we can do for you, please contact Martyn Jennings, martyn.jennings@burcherjennings.com 0870 7777 100