Why is Burcher Jennings the Funder of Choice for Law Firms?

Posted by Michelle Barron on 25th October, 2016 in Opinion and categorised in .

The Burcher Jennings 'Funding for Growth' proposition is fast becoming the Funder of Choice for law firms. This is because it offers something different from other secondary funders and is available to more law firms.

It is "made to measure" and built to meet your needs; there is no product.

There are:

  • no covenants or personal guarantees
  • no hefty interest rates
  • no principal repayments required
  • no ATE tie in and no restrictions on use

The Funder Burcher Jennings works with is a specialist risk capital provider, backed by an international fund management group. Monies available for law firms are vast.

Here's what law firms who have taken up the 'Funding for Growth' have said:

"Our facility.....will drive up PEP significantly whilst giving us much greater flexibility to fund future litigation.....Few other lenders understand civil litigation as well as them. The funding we have will double in size over the next two years should help us grow dramatically"

"The online system......is so simple to use we can draw down just what wee need and the funds are in our account the same day"

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