Dispute Resolution…

Posted by Michelle Barron on 26th September, 2017 in Opinion and categorised in .

In these times of increasing uncertainty and what feels like constant change, law firms face the daily challenge of providing an attractive offering to clients, meeting their demands and expectations, at a price and perceived value sufficient to secure instructions, while still achieving success and producing a profit at the very end.

Minimising the costs burden to clients by maximising any costs recovery, remains a process that is increasingly frustrated by recent and proposed changes to the CPR, the introduction of Fixed and Capped Costs, a new format Bill of Costs and stricter common law decisions.

Burcher Jennings bring to the UK and international legal market more than 20 years’ experience as legal costs experts, combined with world leading pricing expertise lead by Richard Burcher, plus ground-breaking law firm and litigation funding.

Dispute Resolution in its many guises has been at the core of what we do, covering the breadth of high value and complex litigation, with everything from personal injury and clinical negligence, through to commercial litigation, professional negligence, defamation, product liability and disputes concerning banking & finance, partnerships, contract and intellectual property disputes, to name but a few.

Our experienced and seasoned Costs Lawyers and professionals are able to assist with all your needs at every stage, maintaining continuity and assuring quality in advice and service.

We welcome the opportunity to work with existing and new clients and build lasting relationships while we add value and support success.

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