Costs, Profitability and Cashflow

Posted by Michelle Barron on 20th February, 2017 in Opinion and categorised in .

Burcher Jennings have a unique position in the marketplace, working with law firms, offering a complete legal costs service, in addition to a world class Pricing Service as well as law firm and litigation funding, which are both leading the way in both innovation and service. A holistic approach to meeting all the needs of a law firm to achieve continued success and profitability.

“In today’s financial and regulatory climate, without a tight handle on costs, pricing and funding, even the best lawyers can find they are not maximising their earnings potential. By bringing these critical elements of the business of law under one roof, Burcher Jennings have positioned themselves as key advisers to any firm wanting to boost profitability and thrive in these cost and price sensitive times.” 

Chris Marston, CEO Lawnet and former Head of Professional Practices, SME Banking, Lloyds Bank

Focusing on costs, the lifeblood of any practice, increasing pressures with competition, more savvy and commercial clients, combined with the ever-changing approach by the court and government to costs and funding means that making a profit has become increasingly challenging. Such issues include the:

  • drive to the inevitable introduction of fixed costs across the multi-track
  • introduction of the new format “E-Bill” of Costs in October this year
  • uncertain benefits of J-Codes and the benefits of integration with costs budgeting and the new Bill of Costs
  • challenges to offering competitive pricing options, risk appetite and managing client expectations on costs recovery

Our track record over the last 25 years speaks for itself. Unlike many of our competitors, we continue to grow organically with now eight nationwide offices, as clients recognise the value in our complete service and specifically the benefits of our approach to legal costs recovery:

  • All our offices are managed and staffed by predominantly Costs Lawyers, all of whom have significant experience
  • The experience of our fee-earners means that you will have complete continuity in that each case will be retained by the same person throughout, who will conduct the case from initial advice, even at retainer stage, right through to costs budgeting, interim and final costs and especially all advocacy.
  • We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients, especially locally and our ability to handle anything that is required due to our national network, from bulk or high value legal aid, through to complex commercial litigation, catastrophic personal injury and clinical negligence cases and all areas of dispute resolution.

We are delighted to have won the Modern Law Awards for an unprecedented three consecutive years and our clients continue to say good things about what we so:

“I have always found the work done by Burcher Jennings to be first rate.” Richard Johnson, Top 100 law firm Browne Jacobson

“We have instructed Jennings Legal Services to draft our bills and claims for over ten years.  Over this time, we have been through many regulatory and organisational changes, but Jennings have remained consistently professional and reliable.  Not only is the standard of work high, but all of their staff are a pleasure to deal with.  Bills are collected and returned quickly and with a minimum of fuss” Talbots

“We have been more than happy with the service Jennings delivers to us. In particular the ability to communicate with you easily in cases of difficulty, the service you offer in collecting and returning the bills, the accuracy of the billing and the speed of return of the files.” Evans Derry Solicitors

I can honestly confirm that I have found Jennings highly efficient, personable and approachable. As Department Head cash flow and speed of processing bills is vital and since switching to Jennings we have been thoroughly impressed by the service received. Dunn & Baker Solicitors

I wanted to say thank you for all of your help. The case has been a nightmare from the off but you have made it far more bearable! You are wonderful and I need you to see it written in real ink, not just in an email! Breeze & Wyles Solicitors

We welcome the opportunity to meet new clients and build lasting relationships while we add value and support success.

For further information please contact Martyn Jennings,, 0870 7777 100.