Burcher Jennings Costs Mediation Service

Posted by Michelle Barron on 4th July, 2017 in Opinion and categorised in .

Saving you time. Saving you money. Improving your cash-flow.

Whether you’re embarking on a costs claim, or facing a contested costs assessment, the Burcher Jennings Costs Mediation Service o­ffers the speedy, cost-e­ffective solution you need.

The courts are increasingly promoting mediation, and parties in disputes are being attracted by the reduced delay, expense and uncertainty compared to litigation.

Our fixed fee service can resolve your matter in hours, rather than getting you tied up in the courts.

Per party fixed fee clarity and certainty

You pay just £5 (plus VAT) for every £1,000 claimed.

Example fees:
Costs claimed     Our fee per party
£15k                     £75
£50k                     £250
£100k                   £500
£250k                   £1,250
Over £250k          Capped at £1,750

These costs cover up to 7 hours of mediation, including reasonable travel and preparation. The venue for the mediation, the costs of the venue and any refreshments are the responsibility of the parties. Additional hours charged at £125 plus VAT.

Paper assessment of disputed costs

We also provide a binding or non-binding paper assessment of disputed costs, charged at a flat fee of £5 plus VAT for every £1,000 claimed. Court fees for determination of costs could run into many thousands of pounds and take up considerably more of your time.

Leading costs lawyers

If mediation isn’t the right route for you we can, of course, assist with our national costs service. Burcher Jennings have more than 20 years’ experience as legal costs experts, combined with world leading pricing expertise lead by Richard Burcher, plus ground breaking law firm and litigation funding. However you need to work, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We build lasting relationships by adding value and supporting success.

Our accredited mediator, Richard Allen, brings over 30 years’ experience resolving a wide range of disputes across litigation and legal costs. One of the first professionals to be awarded Costs Lawyer status and one of a small group of Costs Lawyers who also has experience as a partner in private practice, he understands the challenges and issues faced when disputes arise. His exceptional depth of experience provides a practical and insightful approach to resolution across all types of costs disputes.

Richard Allen can be contacted by email: richard.allen@burcherjennings.com or for further details speak to our Head of Client Services, Lisa Hazell on 07739 632787.